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The space itself is historic, once owned by First Baptist Church San Angelo. Century-old rock and brick walls still proudly stand. (If only they could talk!) The tin ceiling is original, as is the Concho River sand cement floor that has felt the footsteps of time gone by. You’re surrounded by a place that bears witness to a spiritual past.

Freedom of expression in a visual language. Amazing art by area artists and beyond converge in this singular place. When you must have that piece for your home or office, you’ll be able to purchase it then and there for a lifetime of enjoyment.

The big, beautiful bar. Make your way there to sit, sip and taste. From fine wines to craft beers, and everything in between, bottles and tap. Specialty cheeses. Charcuterie - distinctive sliced meats. All provided with extraordinary service.

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Sweep off the dust of everyday life. Relax and settle into this place of natural elegance with whomever you please. Friends, family, colleagues. Make it a one-on-one business meeting. (We have WIFI.) A girlfriends’ outing. A guys’ time out. A place to rendezvous. Date Night. Just about any kind of celebration. Or, just bring a book or iPad and read.

Rent Raw 1899 for birthday parties, wedding receptions, reunions, business meetings, bridge or mahjong games, or just about any celebration or group gathering. Send us an email, and we will contact you to discuss details.

Ryan Dalgliesh is a studio artist in San Angelo, Texas, who works in acrylics. He grew up in Midland, Texas, where his father was his first art teacher. As he got older, his mother drove him to private art lessons. He continued to pursue his love of art by studying it at Texas Tech University in the early 1990s. After college, Dalgliesh shifted his focus to ministry and spent the next 15 years preaching and traveling. He was encouraged to return to art when his mother sent him a sketch pad and pencils for Christmas in 2010. The following year, Dalgliesh decided to “teach himself” to paint, dedicating more of his time to refining his skills and exploring new styles. In the last decade, he has painted more than 600 pieces, had one-man art shows, been juried into other art shows, and has sold art all across the United States. He usually produces two original series a year. Most of his work is large scale, and he is best known for his brightly colored animal paintings, though he has done portraiture and abstract work in recent years. Dalgliesh has operated his studio at 520 Orient Street in San Angelo since 2017, and that’s where he can be found most weekdays. He lives in Dove Creek with his wife and their two sons. He pastors The Four 56 Church in that community, as well.

“I spent eight months planning my ‘Milk-Bath Series’ and ended up with almost 1,300 reference photos. After reducing that number to 286, I finally started painting pieces from my January photo shoot with locals as the models. However, my first love is my brightly colored animals, and I continue to find the most pleasure in this genre. The animals represented in this show are some of my favorites. As I have grown in my work, I’ve come to enjoy portraiture. My black and white portraits are created with a story in mind. I have a personal connection with each piece, and I paint – almost exclusively – people I know on a personal level. I believe I have found my niche with abstract art. I love color and want to create pieces that are a focal point in any space and fill the viewer with joy. I hope you enjoy this show as much as I did preparing it for you! Special thanks to Lisa Curry and Nathana Cox for the opportunity to showcase my work in this beautiful space.”

Owners Lisa Curry and Nathana Cox call Raw 1899 their labor of love. They invite you to drop by at 38 North Chadbourne and revive yourself.


Layer upon layer, Lisa paints with intentional “flow and messiness.” She has 10 to 12 paintings in progress at any given time, allowing them to “sit and speak to her.” Then, she’ll have a revelation, and throw more paint. She is most creative when painting for days on end with little sleep. This compulsion, she says, drives her to a “destructive perfection.” Lisa Curry Art


“Painting takes me to a place I cannot describe in words,” Nathana says. “I can disappear for hours without ever leaving home.” She loves oils: the color, hues, smells, luminosity. But, it’s the spirit of improvisation that motivates her. “I can express myself in a way that isn’t possible except by painting,” she says. “it makes me very happy.” Nathana Cox Fine Art

“To say this place is amazing is an understatement. GREAT wine, GREAT art, GREAT people, GREAT space!”

—C. Haddad

“Such an amazing place! Beautiful atmosphere. You won’t think that you are in San Angelo. Check out their wine and beer glasses. The art is pretty great, too!”

—S. Dobbs

“Just love this place! Wonderful atmosphere and great food. Enjoyed looking at all the art, too!”

—C. Smith


4 pm to 8 pm Thursday

4 pm to 10 pm Friday and Saturday

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